OHCG excels in aiding local governments to rejuvenate business districts and neighborhoods by expertly identifying and leveraging unique municipal assets, while simultaneously harnessing the passion and collaboration of motivated community members to drive sustainable revitalization initiatives. more>


We specialize in facilitating the seamless integration of businesses into communities by meticulously crafting persuasive narratives, engaging in transparent communication, and addressing concerns, ensuring that city councils and residents recognize the positive contributions and compatibility of the businesses we consult for with the community.  more>

Community Events

Events and the Arts

Take advantage of one of the best ways to uplift a place! OHCG has a unique expertise incorporating public art into communities to help foster economic development, local engagement, and community pride.  more>


We are a seasoned political consulting group dedicated to guiding individuals with political aspirations through comprehensive strategies, providing the expertise and support necessary to successfully attain elective office.  more>