Solution Engineering

  • 3D Video Walk-through
  • Electronic, Interactive Presentation
  • Video and Photography
  • Illustration

When a dispute over an Illinois coal mine arose questioning whether it was still “merchantable and mineable,” OH Design Group was called upon by Solution Engineering to create a presentation for pending litigation. It was paramount that the judge in this 100-million-dollar bench trial fully understood the poor condition of the mine when operations were abandoned due to poor natural conditions. Solution Engineering and the firm they represented needed to submerse the judge into the mine from his office.

OH Design Group went down into the mine to gather the necessary photography and video to create a 3D visualization so viewers could do a virtual walk-through areas of the mine giving them a 360 degree view of the mine’s conditions. OHDG integrated those visualizations with photography and illustrations to create a powerful electronic presentation that made clear the mine was no-longer merchantable and mineable. Outcome: the judge agreed with Solutions Engineering’s assessment and ruled in favor of its client without ever having to step into the mine.